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Официальный дистрибьютор Нинхаус в России с 2011 года!

External Characteristics Of Vertebrates

Артикул: ELC4066


Дополнительные характеристики

This is the complete classified nomenclature for the external characteristics of vertebrates. Makes an excellent companion to the External Characteristics of Invertebrates (ELC-4035). Clear photographs with simple definitions allow you to differentiate your zoological presentations. Each characteristic is highlighted in color tomake it easy for young learners to see what it is they are studying, while the rest of the animal is in the background in a faded black and white motif. This technique was designed by ETC Montessori and it is used by many other companies today as the standard. Included are wall charts, picture cards with labels, definition cards with labels, picture cards without labels, and definition cards without labels as well as booklets. Customers receive cards for the following: • Fish • Amphibian • Reptile • Bird • Mammal